Zening.It Startup Village

A retreat for creative ventures & digital nomads co-living, co-working, networking, coaching, mentoring and wellness lifestyle.

Long stay residences for startup founders, remote working professionals, creative professionals and young families.

Weekends and workshops for short stay and visitors.

The Community

Zening.It village is operated by a core community that have given up on their urban professional lifestyles in Helsinki, Amsterdam, London and Berlin to come to Cyprus and create this startup Village.

Who can Be Core Community

The core community give a good part of their time to nurturing the village and individuals who come to be a part of ZeningIt startup Village.

The core community are a closely knit, highly dedicated team.


The Village Team:

The village team are simple local people who simply love to help others.

They represent best of Cyprus culture.


Vision of Founder:

Ajay Goyal had a vision to create a startup university for creativity and entrepreneurship where creators could find motivation, a support system, co-founders, guides and mentors for their ventures while living in harmony, joy and balance.

A Big Village

The biggest charm on coworking at Zening It Village is to meet with the locals.

The friendliness and hospitality of Cypriots is legendary.

You will be introduced to Mayor and municipal council and they will welcome you to the old Municipal building and theater.

You, The Startup Village People

ZeningIt welcome people through a rigorous process of interview, networking, recommendation and references. There are usually 12 applications for each spot. Number of spots is limited to 120.

Who is it For

ZeningIt Startup Village is for anyone in highly innovative creative profession and business.

Whether you are founder of a startup venture of thinking of starting something new, this village is for you.

If you have been working remotely full time, or as a freelancer, you will find this village ideal.



Many workshops and talks are organized to empower you.

Business talks are organized each week about corporate law, taxation, partnerships, contracts, fundraising , Brexit, European Union and global economy.


Living Accommodation

Startup Village is a 60 hectare hill with 20 buildings in which more than 60 apartments are set aside for startup community.The rooms are spacious and perfect for a long stay. The village is old and doors, windows are wooden shutters. You should come expecting a village and not a city.


Food & Drink

There is a community kitchen in operation at the village.

Breakfast and dinner are community events and the whole community is encouraged to gather and share the experience.


What to Do in the Area

The area of Latchi, Polis Chrysochous is most admired holiday destination of Cypriots. The Chrysochous Bay, the Akamas, the villages of the area Argaka, Drousia, Pomos and the city of Polis itself are known for their charm and hospitality of locals.

Co-Working at Village

The CoWorking Village has six working areas for large occupancy, quiet working, cafe atmosphere, lounge and library.

Residents may work from any rooms, any time, 24×7.

Each room has its own rules on music, chatter, meetings and noise.

4G network works in most rooms and all residents are given a 4G network SIM card for their mobile phone.

Two main coworking areas have 20 Mbps internet wifi connection.

For heavy downloads and uploads,  arrangements can be made and charges may apply.

The village is remote and no fibre optic connection is available – internet is through DSL and wifi.

Excellent breakfast is provided from 8 till 10 AM

The Startup Village Gallery

The village life has great focus on community spirit, friendship, sharing and caring.

ZeningIt Startup Village is a place for peaceful pace of life.

In co-living village, there is time and space for Me, there is time & empathy for You, and there is time to be We.

ZeningIt from the air

This is a place for cozy, communal living.

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